10x HIIT30 Sessions


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HIIT30 Sessions are 30 Minute Sessions that will give you a quick and effective workout that is perfect if you have limited time and just want to get in, get your workout done and get out!

There are two different types of classes:

HIIT30 Strength

HIIT30 Strength has a focus on building strength using dumbbells, kettlebells etc. We will do a structured warm-up, technique explanation and get into the strength set, where we will focus on different muscle groups such as lower body, upper body, core strength etc.

HIIT30 FIT is a high intensity workout that will leave you energised! There will be short workout specific warm-up and technique demonstration, followed by the workout.

Class Times are:

6:00am (Strength)
6:30am (FIT)
7:00am (Strength)
7:30am (FIT)
18:00 (Strength)
18:30 (FIT)

***Sessions are valid for 30 Days from your first class


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