HIIT Studio was born out of Red X CrossFit. CrossFit is for everyone, and it really is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, but we also realise that different people have different goals. Not everyone wants to work with barbells or necessarily learn technical movements like Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Handstand Push Ups, or Muscle Ups, and some people want to start out with CrossFit Lite, as a type of introduction to High Intensity Training, before moving onto CrossFit Classes.

However, everyone loves the the endorphin rush of a CrossFit workout! And so HIIT Studio started out as CrossFit Lite classes, that ran alongside the normal CrossFit Classes offered at Red X CrossFit. We soon realised how great the demand was for the HIIT type of training, and decided to give our HIIT classes, its own, dedicated venue, while also offering great add-ons for our CrossFitters in the form of Cardio Classes and Endurance Programs.


Irene Lubbe is the owner of HIIT Studio. She has many years of experience in Fitness, Personal Training and Group Exercise Training. She holds a degree in Sport and Exercise Science and is a certified CrossFit Level 1 Coach and a certified Pre-and-Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist. She is a firm believer that everyone should spend a minimum  of 20-30 minutes a day strengthening their bodies for their future health and wellness. She believes that fitness should be fun and functional.

Thea Kruger is a Certified Level 1 CrossFit Coach. She is a competitive CrossFit Athlete with a passion for helping people improve their fitness and health at all levels and to make lasting lifestyle changes.

Marijke Bezuidenhout is a Certified Pilates and Movement instructor with an extensive background in Dance. She loves helping people move well, with good form, strengthening their bodies for pain-free movement and fitness for life.

All our coaches will be able to assist you improve your fitness at whatever level of fitness you currently find yourself. They are also able to modify movements and tailor workouts for any limitations you may have.